Don’t be a “just” person

In our younger years of life, we are warned about many types of people. Strangers, cheaters, liars; we are taught to stay away from these people and that what they do is bad. As I get older I realize the list of people to stay away from gets bigger. One type of person I was never taught about was a “just” person. You encounter these “just” people everyday in your journey through life, they are the people that don’t allow themselves to think more than they have to and see the world as nothing more than it is. It’s “just” a tree, “just” a book or “just” a sidewalk. “Just” people don’t take time to think of the significance of everyday encounters. They don’t think of that tree as a location where a couple shared their first kiss or that book as something that sparked thousands of young minds. Sadly, they see all their “just” items as nothing more than what their eyes see. As people, we don’t need to have a “just” mindset. Instead we need to strive to see the beauty in everything and it’s purpose for being what it is. When we’re younger, our imagination is a rapid wildfire that no “just” adult could control, but we’ve lost our inner child mindset. We need to have more imagination and learn that there is a story behind everything we see. From the pen I’m holding, to the choices I’m making, everything has meaning. So stop ignoring the wonders of this world and open your eyes to the beauty in everything you see. You’re not “just” a person so don’t be a “just” person.

One thought on “Don’t be a “just” person

  1. So true! In all my adventures in life, it’s the NON-“just” people that really made a difference in my life, who were the great examples for me to mirror. The ones who make the best of every adventure, good and bad, the ones who search for ways to make every person and every moment matter, the ones who notice and point out the little things. For as we grow older we realize, the little things are the big things!

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