Time to spread the love!

Valentine’s day. You either love it or hate it. There are two situations this candy filled holiday can throw at you…

  1. You can be in a relationship and stress about what to give or what to do for your special person
  2. You can be single and worry about feeling lonely

Whichever situation you might be in, both distract from the true meaning of the holiday. Valentine’s day is all about the love, many believe the day is to be celebrated between only a couple but I beg to differ. Love can be shared between anyone! So celebrate Valentine’s day with your family, a best friend, or even your dog! I’m tired of seeing all of the “I hate Valentine’s day” post on social media when these people don’t realize they have plenty of people to love in their lives. I love Valentine’s day because It’s a reminder to say I love you to the ones who you sometimes forget to tell (and discounted chocolate is always great!). So stop worrying about not having a significant other to celebrate the holiday with and focus on loving yourself! To relate to number one, Valentine’s day isn’t about what gifts you get or give it’s about expressing love for one another (which last time I checked all that requires is the ability to say “I love you.”) So stop putting so much stress on yourselves on February 14th and simply spread love around to everyone who needs it!

(p.s. a sincere thank you to everyone who read and supported my first post. 100 views on the first day! Feel free to share if you enjoy my short ramblings about life)

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