Be a positive in a world of negatives

Why is it so much easier to have a negative attitude? What triggers that reflex to make a sarcastic comment or complain about something? We hear these negative remarks everyday, it’s a contagious disease we can’t get away from. Negativity has become so common nobody realizes it anymore. Look on any social media on a monday morning and you’ll see the “I hate mondays” and the ” I want to stay in bed” posts flying all over the place. People have become so used to the everyday luxuries that we take them for granted. What we should be seeing on Monday mornings is ” I’m glad I get to live another day” or ” I’m glad I get the opportunity to learn today” When was the last time you posted something like this? When people hear the negative things we say it sticks with them. They are more likely to remember you by what you complain about instead of the person you really are. I’m not sure why people notice the bad before the good but they do, so make sure you say more good things than bad! When negative situations come up people assume they have a right to get angry and that it’s ok to get mad at that person. People don’t make you mad, they give you situations and you decide how you react and what emotion you bring out, sadly the emotion most people choose is anger. There are way too many people mad at the world , do you really want to be another one of them? Having a good attitude is all about how you look at things. When you’re late to school or work do you get angry or thank God you even get to go to school? Any situation can be flipped and turned into a positive no matter how negative it is. Have you ever noticed how people with cancer and other illnesses tend to look on the bright side? It’s because they’ve been through so much and have learned to appreciate things they didn’t before. Even the darkest tunnels have light in them so be careful of what you say and always look for the good in everything you come across.

“Look up, you’ll never find a rainbow looking down”- Charlie Chaplin

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