5 Reasons to Smile today!

  1. You’re going somewhere!- Congratulations you’ve made it to this day, place, and time (that’s three places in one…impressive!) You’ve met thousands of people, walked hundreds of miles and changed countless lives and you want to know the best part? You’re not done! You have until your time on earth runs out to meet even more people and change more lives. So smile because you’re going somewhere and you have the rest of your life to find out where!
  2. Just because you can!-  You see those white bones in your mouth? Those are called teeth and they’re meant to be shown off! It only takes around 17 muscles to smile and the last time I checked you have those muscles, so use them! Smiling is contagious and spreads happiness to anyone who sees your beautiful smile! So spread your wealth and smile just because you can!
  3. Someone somewhere is waiting to meet someone just like you!-  We hear it all the time growing up that there are plenty of fish in the sea, your prince will come, and other countless metaphors that tell us our true love is out there. The greatest thing is this special person will love everything about you, so why change? So keep your hopes up and keep smiling because someone special is waiting for you!
  4. It’s contagious!- Which is more enjoyable, being sad or being happy? The obvious answer is being happy. As humans we always strive to make ourselves happy as well as others, it’s how we’re programmed. When other people see you smiling it sends off positive energy, causing them to want to smile, don’t you want to be the reason someone is smiling?
  5. You are rich!- That’s right you heard me , you are richer than 70% of the world right now if you have food in your fridge,clothes on your back, a roof over your head and a place to sleep tonight. The very fact that you are blessed enough to have everything you need to survive in life should make you smile! So stop stressing over little things and just realize you are lucky to be alive and smiling today!

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