Reasons to come see CATS at the Dixie

As most of you already know, CATS is coming to the Dixie April 18th,19th,24th thru the 28th so I’ve compiled a list of reasons you need to come see this outstanding production!

  1. Dave Sanders– Words cannot express how much Dave (our director) has put into making this production possible. He worked his tail off to make sure we had amazing set pieces,costumes,makeup, and an overall good time. For those of you who are fortunate enough to know Dave you would know he does NOT mess around with his shows or does anything that is not quality work and when you come see CATS you see the creative master piece of Dave Sanders
  2. The Set– I wish I had filmed my reaction the first time I saw the set, it goes without saying it is the biggest set the Dixie stage has ever seen! Tracey Cross and Elaine Cagle designed a remarkable set that ties the whole show together. When you come see CATS you will see people swinging from ropes,coming up from the stage, coming out of cars and countless other surprises the set contains. The floor is one big work of art in itself with tributes to local businesses, inside jokes, and so much more!
  3. The Singing– Another person we get to work with is Elise Dumser who ensures we always sound our best! No matter how hard the song is or how strange the words are she squeezes everything we have out of us to produce the most remarkable sound I’ve ever heard! The songs along with the people who sing them in this show are remarkable and you don’t want to miss what we have in store for you!
  4. The Dancing– This show is very dance heavy which you don’t see very often at the Dixie. Our choreographer Julie Plott has created amazing dance numbers that will leave you in awe! Being the dance captain I’m fortunate to warm-up the talented cast and I cannot even begin to explain how far they have come. When you come see CATS you’ll see these amazing dances come to life right in front of you!
  5. The Cast– The cast of CATS have been amazing to watch transform into character every time the show starts. Acting like a cat can be harder than it seems and adding singing and dancing like a cat just makes it that much harder, but the cast has taken every challenge and tackled it with grace. You won’t be seeing people acting like cats on stage, you will actually see cats. There are also some new faces added to the Dixie scene in this production. The newbies bring fresh talent to the stage, the veterans as always are not to be missed, and the young kids in the show will have you saying “AAWW” the entire show!
  6. The Costumes and Make-up– I’m sure most of you have already seen pictures, but the costumes and makeup is like nothing that has ever been seen on the Dixie stage before! The costumes and the makeup will have you believing there are actual cats roaming the stage. The makeup was professionally designed and includes every possible color you can imagine!
  7. The Show– When we try to sell tickets, it’s not just for the money. We genuinely want you to witness the remarkable story of CATS and experience live theatre. Many people don’t know the story of CATS (I didn’t!) CATS tells the remarkable story of various cats trying to tell their story in order to get to go to the heaviside layer (Cat heaven) and grizzabella, a old cat who has been shunned by her fellow cats and longs to be loved again. The story line along with the singing and dancing makes for a fabulous show!
  8. The Dixie– The Dixie has been such an amazing piece of my life that I always love looking back on. I find myself always smiling when I walk through the doors of that legendary theatre and I hope others can one day find the feeling I have towards the Dixie and seeing this show might bring out that feeling. The Dixie is filled with so many memories and yours are waiting to be made, so get to the theatre!

Come see CATS you can order tickets at or at the box office one hour before the show. Opening night is already sold out so hurry and buy your tickets and I’ll see you at the Dixie!The Fabulous CATS Cast

One thought on “Reasons to come see CATS at the Dixie

  1. Madeline – I read your wonderful blog yesterday on CATS at The Dixie. What a beautiful description of WHY everyone should attend! I would like to add one more Reason to your great list. The Creation of a Memory: We can all think of wonderful memories that have been created in our lives. There is something special, however, about a live theatrical performance. Whether young or old, first or many times, CATS at The Dixie will deliver a Memory Moment for all who attend. As Grizabella eloquently sings in the iconic Broadway song, “Memory”, happiness can be found in a Memory!

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