Oh The Places You’ll Go!

I’ve been doing a lot of traveling this summer and I’ve come to realize why I love it so much. I love watching people! Yes I’m aware that makes me sound like a creeper but do I really care? Nope! I’ve always been a people person. I love finding out about people, where they come from, what they like, how they think. An absolute stranger could tell me his life story and I would hang on to every word! One of my favorite encounters was while I was flying to Pensacola . One of the flight attendants noticed the army uniform on a soldier and stopped in her tracks to give a short heart felt “thank you” and moved him to a seat closer to the front. It was a small act of kindness but the look on the soldiers face as he was being moved to a better seat was priceless! Another small moment I witnessed was in Universal Studios. A girl that couldn’t have been older than eight ran up to the “you must be this tall” sign and after waiting so long she was FINALLY tall enough to ride the ride. The little celebration going on between the whole family was enough to brighten anyone’s day! Even though I didn’t actually meet any of these people, just by watching I caught a glimspe into their lives. So next time you’re out and about (which I hope many of you are) take time to notice the people around you. Treat them like they’re not strangers to you, just friends you haven’t met yet! You’d be surprised the stories you hear and the moments you see!

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