Annie Get Your Gun Review

Annie Get Your Gun has been my favorite since I was a toddler, It was the first musical I ever fell in love with! So here are my thoughts on why you should see Annie Get Your Gun at The Dixie.

The show started off on a good note (literally) with the singing of the classic Irving Berlin song “There’s no business like show business” led by our Frank Butler (Andy Pitts) and right before my very eyes, a big top tent appeared. The transition was seamless and interesting to watch, magic of live theatre! In the opening scene we were introduced to many of the other characters in the show many of whom you will recognize and some that you won’t! During the first scene I noticed how amazing the ensemble was!! Each and every ensemble member had great timing and great improv skill and all were a joy to watch! I loved every minute of the next song “Doin’ what comes natur’lly” The stage was utilized, comedic timing was spot on and words were enunciated perfectly! The trio of Annie’s little sisters were precious and fun to watch! So many of my favorite moments were executed perfectly such as the first time Annie sees Frank, the dialogue between those two gets me every time! One of my favorites (and the one you’ll come home singing) is “You can’t get a man with a gun” Barbie’s (Annie) stage presence filled the room!! I loved the choreography done by the amazing Julie Plott, this musical is not a very dance filled one but when there was an opportunity it was taken! Barbie’s voice was spot on and filled with personality, every belt was fabulous!! I loved every small moment in this show like with Dolly (Annette Phillips) and Annie (Barbie Pitts). Both ladies are stars! The signature song “There’s no business like show business” had amazing energy and vocals! This quartet was Andy and Barbie Pitts, Nick Phillips and Andrew Verdon and they did an amazing job on an amazing song! One of my favorite scenes is Little Jane (Brady Phillips) teaching Annie how to read. It can be hard to act like you don’t know how to do everyday tasks so the acting in this scene sometimes goes unappreciated but it was spot on as always. It was great seeing Dayrin Jones return to the Dixie stage along with his co-star Sophia Smith. Both young performers were so talented and added a great second layer to the story. Confession time- I cried a little during “Moonshine Lullaby” the harmony was breathtaking and the lyrics soothing. It’s no secret the Dixie has amazing singers and this song put four of the finest singers in one song. This song alone is one of the reasons people should see this show! I realized now while looking at my playbill that I scribbled “YES” a whole lot next to moments that I loved so to save me from writing a novel on why you should see this show, here are just some of the YES moments. 

YES – Annie flying through the air, the chemistry between Annie and Frank (Barbie and Andy are married in real life btw), elegant ballroom choreography, ADORABLE duet with Tommy and Winnie, the classic charmed chanted bit  was golden, the hoedown during “I got the sun in the morning”, Annie’s sass when arguing with Frank, the adorable ending

All in all the show was amazing!! Director Nancy Nave is always a pleasure to have at the Dixie and did a fabulous job! The choreography by Julie Plott was flawless and the vocals were breath taking thanks to Rachel Jeter the music director as well as ensemble member. So what are you waiting on? Get your tickets today!! Only one more weekend left July 25th-27th.Tickets can be purchased online at or at the box office from 3:30-5:00 & 1 hour prior to the show. 

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