Dear kids…

I’ve changed a lot throughout the years but one thing hasn’t changed; I still love writing in notebooks! Luckily, I still have many old notebooks from elementary school telling of my struggle in gym class and my many attempts to get my crush to “fall in love with me.” Fourth grade Madeline was awkward and took herself way to seriously so twelfth grade Madeline apologizes if you knew fourth grade Madeline. One of the notebooks I found had a “do and don’t” list for 4-H camp which is a week long summer camp with kids from all around Tennessee. (See picture below) I was on the floor laughing at how pathetic the list was but then I realized the sad fact that “finding a cute guy” and “looking amazing” was what I worried about. I was more worried about decorating my room and looking amazing that I forgot why I was even at camp in the first place! Sadly there are so many kids that worry about stuff like that and not simply staying a kid and enjoying it! Another thing on my “Don’t” list was don’t act stupid or look stupid. I don’t worry about looking stupid now so why would I worry about it when I was in the fourth grade?! Also, aren’t boys suppose to have cooties in fourth grade? So PSA to the kids (and parents) who read my blog: Don’t worry about what other people think about you, you can think about that later. Don’t worry about what you look like, that doesn’t matter either. It’s alright to look stupid, trust me it can make life more fun! Don’t worry your life away on other people’s opinion about you. Stay young and let your imagination grow every day. You’ve heard this a million times and that’s because it’s true, life flies by so enjoy every moment and make the best of every situation you’re faced with! Make lots of friends and memories to match and never rush your childhood away. Follow your dreams because it gets harder to as you get older. Love your life and everyone in it and never wish you were older!!


Oh and you’re allowed to follow the “Don’t get into fights” that’s always a good rule.

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