Ask and you shall receive

I constantly get asked by people, ” how do you get to do all of the cool stuff you do?” My response is usually “I ask”. After that I usually see a variety of confused faces. As many of you know, I have an interview show where I interview different artist around Nashville. I always thought this was something I couldn’t do until I was a “somebody”. Little did I know all I had to do was ask. I think we assume people that we don’t know won’t do anything to help other people out; we see them as selfish. I find that sad because that means that at some point in our lives, someone was selfish and not cooperative which gave that impression of people for the rest of our lives. Well I’m here to tell you that some people, yes even strangers, care about what you want and want to help you in whatever way possible. We don’t know this because we are often too afraid to ask. One major thing I learned while planning interviews is the power of asking. I send numerous emails to publicist and managers requesting to interview their artist, and while some have said no, most of them gladly agree and do whatever they can to help. People are nice I promise. So don’t assume the worst in people and don’t ignore the great power in asking.

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