The Secret to Life

Remember when you were a kid and your greatest pleasure came from watching cartoons and waking up to snow on the ground? Why is it that we lose that excitement? We grow up. Why is it that growing up has to be affiliated with losing wonder and excitement? Sure adults have responsibilities and have to make it on their own,but no one should have to lose their inner child. Life is short. Yes I did use that cliche, what did you expect? Life flies by and usually we try to keep up by working hard to fulfill our lives. The bad thing about that is that we have this flawed perception that in order to fulfill our lives we have to have money and the perfect life. Newsflash; the people living the happiest life don’t have everything they just appreciate everything. They see the sky,laugh with friends, and peek out the window to see the snow. They don’t lose that excitement that they had as a child. So what’s the secret to living a happy life? Realize everything you have and I promise you can’t help but to see you already have a happy life.

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