Observations from the Book Store (Learning is Not Dead)

Today I channeled my inner nerd and sat in a bookstore reading for about an hour. Well technically I wasn’t reading I was observing my wonderful surroundings that I just couldn’t ignore. Now I know what you’re thinking, “what could possibly be so great that’s happening at a bookstore?” You’d be surprised what wonderful things happen at normal places if you pay attention. Today I learned that learning is not dead and that the most amazing people can be found in the most ordinary places. The first encounter I had was while I was trying the find the perfect book to read (since I hardly have time to read anymore) I saw a man around 40 years old that had a slight learning disability wandering around the book shelves trying desperately to find the perfect book for his friend who loved to read. It was entertaining to watch him recruit several employees to join his journey in pursuit of the perfect book and the look of victory when he found it. It makes me so happy that even despite his disability he understood the joy of giving and random acts of kindness. So after I found the perfect book, I sat in the little coffee shop and read (total hipster right?) I was trying to get into my book but I kept getting distracted by the little kids that would squirm,scream, and giggle with excitement as they would walk through the doors to the thousands of books on the shelves just waiting to be opened. When I was a kid, one of the highlights of my summer was the book camp that my local library held for a week (again, total nerd). But with all the advanced technology and loss of time away from a screen, I assumed kids didn’t enjoy reading anymore and boy was I wrong. I couldn’t help but laugh every time a kid would start running to their favorite section and they would get the “mom look” we’re all too familiar with. It was such a pleasant surprise to see that there are some kids who still appreciate the classics like “The Giving Tree” (my favorite). So in case you lost hope for book stores surviving, I’m happy to report people of all ages still love them. This easily could have been a regular scenario and I could have bought my book and thought nothing of it,  but I don’t enjoy not taking in my surroundings and the people around  me. So find the beauty in the every-day things you do. You never know what you will learn or who you will meet.

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