The Hallmark Movie Effect

One of my favorite things to do during the holidays is to sit and enjoy those cheesy Christmas Hallmark movies. Now, I may not have discovered the secret to life but I have figured out how christmas movies work.

  1. Leading Character is faced with a problem
  2. Leading Character meets soul mate via said problem
  3. Feelings start to develop
  4. Something bad happens and feelings are gone
  5. Something good happens,problem is solved, and they fall in love

No matter how incredibly predictable these movies are, I (along with millions of others) still love them. I think one of the main reasons people love these movies is because we love seeing people overcome difficulties. The characters gracefully jump any road block that stands in their way AND manages to find love along the way! We don’t notice it but our lives are similar to these classic Christmas movies we love but instead of starring a Hollywood B-list actress it stars a real genuine person making the story even more unique and entertaining. So don’t fret over road blocks and difficulties, overcome it just like the characters in the movies we all adore. Your life isn’t that different from a movie if you realize what is actually going on! Instead of wishing your life was as perfect as the movies; focus on watching,directing, and writing your own life and I promise you will see that your “Hallmark Moment” is happening right before your very eyes!

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