New Year New Goals

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! (I would throw confetti if I had any left) So it’s 2015 now and I’m still not famous, I honestly don’t know why it’s taking so long. If you’re like me, you set the bar pretty high for your goals of the year so I’m here to help you achieve your goals for this year, consider me like your fairy godmother. One of the biggest steps in achieving any goal is to tell someone about it. By doing that you have more people supporting you and nagging you until you achieve your goal. The next thing you should do is cut off any temptation, for instance, if your goal is to use your cell phone less (one of my goals) try plugging it up to charge so you won’t be tempted. The farther it is, the less tempting it is. Lastly, let’s face it- 2015 will not be the year you fly to outer space- what i’m trying to say is always be semi- realistic when it comes to what you can and can not do. Focus on the smaller goals and you’ll get a little closer to your ultimate goal! All that being said, work hard to make 2015 the best year ever and may all your dreams come true!

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