The Beauty of You

Have you ever seen the most beautiful sunset ever and tried to take a picture of it? Usually the picture isn’t as pretty as the actual thing and doesn’t do it justice. Have you ever tried to describe something beautiful to someone and you know that they don’t understand? Your beauty is the same way. You might look at yourself in the mirror and not be satisfied with how you look. Your beauty is like the sunset- it can’t be captured or described. Like the picture of the sunset, you don’t accurately see your own beauty. You want to know the best feature someone can have? Uniqueness. When I learned this word in first grade I thought it was the biggest and greatest word ever and in a way, I was right. Every flaw or scar you might have makes you unique and sets you aside from the “plain janes” in the world. Why try to blend in when you were born to stand out? Embrace your flaws because they make you who you are- and that’s beautiful.

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