One Year of Musings!

One year ago today I was contemplating starting a blog. I always knew I loved to write and have a pretty different outlook on life and starting a blog was something I had always wanted to do. It was one of those things that was always in the back of my mind but I never did it, but then a year ago today I decided “what’s stopping me? why wait?”.  I was struggling with a name until mom came up with madeline’s musings and I fell in love with the name. I never expected anyone to read it besides my mom, her friends, and myself. Well I was very wrong. What started out as a small little blog with one post and 100 views in one amazing year grown into a major part of my life. Here’s just some numbers that a year of doing what you love can give you!

365 days of


55 Countries have viewed my blog

25 post since February 12,2014

Here comes the sappy “thank you”s…..THANK YOU to everyone that has clicked on a link,searched the blog, or found it by an accident. Thank you to everyone that has said kind things to me or encouraged me to keep writing because as a writer, your feedback is the best gift of all. By having , it led me to dig into my love for writing and even led me to write for different people! As of now, I write for my favorite touring concert brand , a social media promotions website, and This blog also led me to create Music and Theatre Insider which is my interview channel on Youtube (I’ll touch more on that on the one year mark of that in the summer) This blog, most of all, has enabled me to share my message of positivity with the world and for that I’m forever grateful! So thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my ramblings because they bring me so much joy and I hope they bring you joy too! Here’s to another year of musings!!

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