Look Both Ways

Remember when you were a little kid and you would always hold hands with your parents, look both ways, then cross the street? If you were lucky they would even swing you by your hands on the count of three. You never worried if they would drop you because you knew that you were safe as long as they were there. As you got older though it became quite embarrassing if you still held your parents hand (and you got too big to swing too, bummer.) When you let go of your parents hands you felt like you could conquer the world because they weren’t holding you back anymore! Little did you know when they held your hand they weren’t holding you back, they were leading you to your destination. As we walk across that stage today without anyone holding our hand, be sure to look both ways. Look forward to your bright future and your new journey in college, look forward to the day you wake up to your husband/wife next to you with drool sliding down their cheek, look forward to the day you hold your own kid’s hand walking down the street but also look back too. Look back to your first day of school, meeting all your friends, look back to that concert that your mom wouldn’t let you go to, look back to when you wanted to be an astronaut because you believed you could be one. Then look back to everyone that helped you cross that street, and thank them and hold them close because without them, we wouldn’t know to look both ways before crossing.

Congratulations to the Class of 2015!!

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