Wounds and Scars

A friend messaged me earlier this year explaining to me that she hated her scars (mental and physical ones) I struggled for a minute thinking of what to say to make her feel better and finally I came to the conclusion that scars are good. It’s a crazy thought, how could something so deep and ugly be good? Scars are something so unique and remarkable to have- it means you’re healed and stronger than before. As some people may know I have had four different procedures done on my skin which always leave a scar. For a while I was convinced that people would see my scars and pity me or that in the summer when they become visible, that they would bother me. Luckily I’ve always been confident in myself and my beauty and never let those scars bother me but it breaks my heart that some people let it affect how they see themselves. When you’re wounded, you get hurt. It’s what happens; and when something leaves a negative impact on you, it scars you. Whether it be a mental scar or a physical scar, be happy that it you have a scar because wounds mean you’re hurt and down but once your wounds turn into a scar, you’re healed and stronger than before. So show off your scars and embrace them because in life, our goal is to grow as people and scars are a sign of beautiful and remarkable growth.

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