What my first week at college taught me!

It’s the day that parents dread and teenagers count down to, move in day! Whether you’re across the country or across the state, living on your own for the first time can be a scary/exciting thing. You learn so much within a short time period about yourself, your friends, and life in general. So here are just some of the things I learned during my first week at my new home away from home.

  1. People are super nice – Within one hour of move in day, I had four complete strangers helping me carry my stuff to my floor and put together furniture. They were with a campus ministry but not once did they shove Jesus down my throat or throw a bible in my face instead, they invited me to a week of awesome activities. Everyone that I encountered on campus greeted me with a smile and a friendly hello which is something you unfortunately don’t see everyday. Sometimes all it takes is a smile and a helping hand to make you realize how incredibly nice people can be.
  2. In order to make friends you sometimes have to embarrass yourself- Between my orientation group and my ignite serves group, there were a lot of faces to remember and if anyone knows me, you know I wave at anyone who I even remotely know. This resulted in me waving to numerous strangers who turned out not to be the person I knew. But when life gives you lemons you make lemonade and offer it to the stranger you just waved at who is now your friend. It’s one of those cliche things that people say on the first day of school but honestly all it takes to make a friend is a hello and a smile.
  3. Freshmen 15 can be a myth if you make it a myth- Let me join in the other thousands of freshmen saying how hard it is to walk UT’s famous hill (which seems like a mountain) If you’ve never experienced this, IT IS A CHALLENGE! Sure you’re on the college diet of pizza and ramen and whatever leftovers you can find but even when you eat all of the crappy food that you can afford, if you walk to all of your classes and work out at least once a week (most dorms have free gyms) then freshmen 15 will be next to impossible to gain.
  4. Classes aren’t like the movies-  Everyone has seen the movie Legally Blonde (I hope) well I had always been under the impression that all professors were like Professor Callahan and would kick you out in a heartbeat if you missed the class reading, boy was I wrong! My very first class was english and when my teacher walked in I thought she was a student. Turns out she’s a graduate assistant who is an amazing teacher. My first college class was spent analyzing the rhetorical choices in our instagram profiles and every Friday we watch a youtube video as a class. All of my professors are incredibly helpful and chill and far from professor Callahan.
  5. Cards can craft beautiful friendships-  On every floor in my dorm we have an entertainment lounge and almost every night we all get together and play Cards Against Humanity (adult apples to apples) and if you step onto the floor we’re playing cards on, you better believe you’re going to get invited to play with us. If you put yourself out there and speak up and say hello, you’re going to make friends that last a lifetime and make your college experience a great one.

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