The Earth of Art

I was in my acting class this week and each class starts with a new exercise. Sometimes it’s directly related to acting and sometimes it’s just to wake up our brains. My teacher had us walk around the room, which is a huge studio, and pretend we were in an art gallery. We were asked to examine how what we’re imagining affected our physical being.

I wish I could say I executed the exercise but in my opinion I gained something even greater.

As we were walking around the room, my imagination failed me. Instead of imagining pieces of art on canvas in front of me, I was simply looking at items in front of me.

Then it hit me that I was looking at art.

It’s a weird way to think of it, but literally everything you see has to do with art. I saw a Vera Bradley backpack- the design on it wasn’t calculated and produced by a machine, it was drawn by a person! I saw writing on the chalkboard- even if it was sloppy it was still calligraphy and I thought it was beautiful! The floor, curtain, clock, everything! I could associate art with it somehow!

Then I looked around at the classroom full of people and saw the wonderful and unique pieces of art God crafted. Each one of us different in some way. Not calculated, constructed, and not just by chance.

Wells Fargo distributed an ad campaign that read “ballerina yesterday, engineer today” and “actor yesterday, botanist today”. This ad came with some obvious backlash. While I was offended and confused, I began to pity the people that took this ad to heart and second guessed the arts.

You see, while sometimes artists can’t make that much money, they are what makes the world the bright and colorful place we live in. Without them, our backpacks would be boring, we would all write and look the same, and I couldn’t be writing this article right now.

Art is all around you. Appreciate it and you’ll see the world in a new and compelling manner.

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