25 songs your travel playlist is missing 

You know those scenes in movies where someone is traveling and there is a song playing softly? That song can make or break that scene no matter where the character is traveling! 

I’m not saying your travels will be any less fun without music but, in my opinion, music is the best travel partner! Below is a list of 25 of my favorite (some popular, some you’ve never heard) travel songs. Enjoy!

  1. Morocco- Moon Taxi
  2. Skeletons- JR JR
  3. Rivers and Roads- The Head and the Heart
  4. Goodbye- Who is Fancy
  5. Song for Zula- Phosphorescent
  6. Salt- B. Miles
  7. Three Thirty- Eighty Ninety
  8. Clouds- Borns
  9. Silhouettes- Colony House
  10. Jackie and Wilson- Hozier
  11. Ooh La La- Faces
  12. Rocket Man- Elton John
  13. Tiny Dancer- Elton John
  14. Here comes the sun- The Beatles 
  15. Vienna- Billy Joel
  16. Super Soaker- Kings of Leon
  17. Woodland- The paper kites 
  18. It is well- Toulouse
  19. Coins- Local Natives
  20. Weathered- Jack Garratt
  21. Barcelona- George Ezra
  22. Maybe IDK- Jon Bellion
  23. Cassy O’- George Ezra
  24. Glorious- Colony House
  25. Someone new- Hozier

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