You’re in a new country…now what?

Congrats! You’ve made a giant leap of faith and made the best decision you could have made: to travel! 

Once I landed in Italy and got settled I had the dreaded “now what?” feeling. I was looking forward to this trip and suddenly I didn’t know where to even start or how to adjust! 

  1. Find your place– If you’re staying somewhere for an extended amount of time, find a place that can be your “go to” that you’ll never get bored of! A mentor of mine once told me anytime you move to a new city find a gym and a church and I loved that advice so much that I took it with me to Italy (with slight changes) I found a gelato place, and a walking trail. I see the same cashier and the same dogs being walked every night and it helps to have a little thing to recognize. 
  2. Make a list– This one is simple, make a mini bucket list for your destination. Seeing so many things in one trip can be stressful but if you make a list of certain cities, landmarks, or lakes you want to see it helps you not only keep track of it, but also remember where you’ve been! 
  3. Find a point of contact– This one is best being a local or someone who is on the same city as you. Not everyone back home wants to hear about every small detail nor can the help you know what to see or do like a local or fellow traveler can. It also helps that this person will be in the same time zone you are! 

Most important of all tips: enjoy it and get lost on purpose sometimes!

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