Top Apps for Nannies and Au Pairs

Technology is an integral part of today’s society, like it or not. With that, children are exposed to it way earlier in life. Here’s some of my favorite apps that I’ve used in my time being an Au Pair (you can use the same apps if you’re a nanny too!)

  1. Google Translate– My kid’s English is outstanding especially for someone her age! However, it can be so frustrating for my two girls when they don’t know a word in English and have tried every possible way to explain it. Google translate let’s me simply pass my phone over and let them type out what they mean and translate it into English! Prevents more frustration and stress for my girls!
  2. Playground finder– I don’t use this one as much but I’ve heard nothing but great things! If your kids are constantly on the move and you need a place to run out some energy, playground finder takes your location and finds the nearest playground!
  3. Musically– I cringe at this app and was totally against it, but when I heard how much Leonie loves it, I caved and downloaded it. We choreography dances to songs, make funny skits, and carefully plan out our video making an outlet for my kiddos to express themselves creatively and have fun while doing it!
  4. Cut the rope– This is a game I played when I was younger and I’m so glad it’s still around! This is a game where you have to cut (swipe) the rope in order to let the candy land in the monsters mouth. Sounds stupid, but in harder levels you have to carefully plan when and where you cut which is a fun way for my kids to think fast and critically!
  5. YouTube Kids– We all know some of the inappropriate things you can stumble upon on YouTube. YouTube kids filters every video to make sure it’s kid appropriate. I can show my girls clips from my favorite cartoons and clips of that UT Hail Mary play (just kidding….kinda) 

I don’t want my kids to be zoned into the screen too long or too much, but sometimes it’s just what they need and can actually benefit them! 

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