Italy Update

Ciao! It’s been a little over a week in Italy and I’m still in love with my view. 

Allow me to answer the most basic questions first: the family is super nice, their English is great and gets better everyday, the girls are sweethearts and little firecrackers at the same time. I didn’t get jet lag and yes the pizza,pasta, and gelato are as good as they are hyped up to be. 

Italy is just a completely different world than America and I love it! The people are friendly (I’ve ran into very few that actually speak good English but they at least smile!) In my first week here I’ve been to three different cookouts, most on mountains or in villas. Eating is an event here with different courses, drinks, and desserts. Everyone sits around the same table and talks and laughs together, which I love! 

The girls are sweet! I’ve really bonded with them over the week which is something I was worried about but every time Emily randomly holds my hand or hugs me, I don’t know why I was worried in the first place. Yes they fight like sisters do but they fight in German so as long as I separate them they eventually stop! Watching them is more like hanging out with them which makes my “job” worthwhile! 

In my spare time I love getting to know the city, taking hikes, going to the park, and going to the city! I leave Sunday for Croatia so I’ll be in vacation mode starting then. I’ll start venturing off into different cities once I get back. 

Good news! I made a friend! Raelene is an Au Pair from Washington that I met on Facebook. We met for the first time today and we clicked, I can tell this will be an awesome friendship and we’re already planning Lake trips!

The language barrier isn’t a problem anymore, I still get nervous trying to order things or talk to people but nothing that’s a huge problem!

I haven’t gotten homesick yet, being in a completely different time zone makes it tough to keep in touch with friends and family back home but I’m a night owl anyway so I stay up to talk to loved ones! 

Long story short and many details excluded, I love my little city of Bolzano and I’m so glad I’m getting a genuine non-touristy experience. I’m starting to feel like a local! 

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