Croatia Journey

Hello dear friends and fellow travelers, it’s been a while since my last update. 

Two countries and a few missed blog posts later and I’m finally in Croatia for my two week vacation. I’m living right on the beach and the gentle, salty, breeze makes me fall asleep every time I get in a hammock. It’s practically paradise. 

Getting here however, was no paradise. I rode in the camper with my host dad and one of my girls Leonie. My host mom and Emily were in the car following. (Side note- I had major soccer mom vibes traveling in a camper in a baseball hat. I was ready to pass out wet wipes and ask for the manager somewhere.)

In order to get to Porec, Croatia where our camping resort is, we had to pass through Slovania. If you think this country sounds familiar, it doesn’t. It’s a super small and poor European country (I think I saw 284 donkeys in the street). The people of Slovenia are very private and don’t enjoy tourist always passing through to get to Croatia. It’s kind of like when someone asks who your hot friend is, and the friend is Croatia. 

My host dad explained to me that most everyone simply passes a bridge into Croatia but the Slovenian government charges around $50 to pass the bridge so we decide to take another way. 

One wrong turn turns into three wrong turns and we find ourselves in front of a locked gate on a small road. The police arrive (no clue where they come from, they almost appeared out of nowhere) and question us and ask for my passport. I must admit it was a little exciting to have a fun in with the cops in a foreign country. Not something I would make happen on purpose, but exciting nonetheless. 

The police direct us to the border that we need to cross and soon enough we arrive. Finally, I’ll be in Croatia! I’ve never seen a border to another country before and I’m not sure what I was expecting. I didn’t see any big walls or a ton of police officers. 

The officer takes my passport and glares my way and talks to my host dad in Italian for a bit and then my host dad turns the RV around. Apparently we were at the wrong border, this on was only for Europeans. I was dumbfounded that I had actually not been allowed over the border. 

Eventually (an hour and a half later) we make it to the correct border and cross into Croatia! We’re at Camp Lanterna in Porec Croatia which is absolutely stunning! I’m on the beach/ my front yard as I type this blog out. 

Long story short- Croatia is paradise and I’m so happy here and I never want to go to Slovenia ever again. Until next time friends, happy travels wherever life takes you!

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