Positively Pula 

When I think about all the places I’ve ever wanted to go, I can say with 100% certainty that Pula, Croatia was not on my list.

Camping for two weeks by the Adriatic Sea has enabled me to see (“sea” if we want to be punny) some incredible cities around the Mediterranean area! Here is a feature on the place no one thinks to visit, but falls in love with- Pula, Croatia. 

Pula is at the tip of the Istrain peninsula and the thing most people see when entering Pula is the Roman Ampitheatre. This roman arena is the sixth largest in the world. The romans took over Pula and began assembling the arena around 65 AD! Travelers are welcome to go in and enjoy the view for free! 

The Roman structures don’t stop there! Another beautiful feature of the city is the Zlatna Vrata (Triumphrial arch). Built in 1st Century BC this beautiful arch is in the middle of the city and stands out between all the gelato shops and stores with an absurd amount of fidget spinners for sale. It’s nice to have something so elegant and powerful in the middle of tourists and chaos! 

What I love most about this city is the mix of cultures. When Mediterranean Croatian beach life meets ancient Roman traditions and history you get the town of Pula. 

Our last stop was for some dinner and if there’s one thing I love more than travelling, it’s food! Being so close to the sea, Croatia (Pula, especially) is known for their great seafood! 

Be sure to do your research and find the best local place that isn’t a tourist trap, they will have the best and most genuine food of Croatia. The best places to eat will not shove a menu in your face and ask you how many people will be eating with you. 

We ended up having to walk a bit but we found a nice part of Pula where the restaurant “Alighieri” is found. The food was incredible and I may or may not have stolen some food from my kid’s plate. 

Whether it’s for a beach trip, culture trip, or you’re just passing through, Pula is the ideal destination and hidden treasure for any traveler wanting something new! 

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