Novigrad, Croatia

Who would have thought that each city in the same area could be so different? 

Today I went to my third city in Croatia which is Novigrad and let’s just say it was an adventure, like always! 

Novigrad is on the edge of the peninsula right across from Porec and it’s ideal for people who don’t enjoy the big city atmosphere of Pula but still want the culture of the Croatian cities. 

Arriving in the city, we were automatically at the marina with all the boats around. It made for a lovely site with the sun setting in the back! 

Right across from the boats was a few stands with spiral potatoes, super fried donuts, and popcorn and for a moment, I thought I was back in Tennessee! 

After wandering around, we finally decided on a cute little restaurant called “Romana Mia” which was close to the water and offered Italian cuisine. Half way through dinner the speakers started blaring Jamaican music. So I was with my german speaking family in an Italian restaurant with a Croatian waiter while listening to Jamaican music. I’m really getting my culture out of this trip! 

After dinner we made our way back to the main part of the city…but not without running into the istrian folk festival of course! 

We watched the Russian dancers perform which is exactly how I thought it would look like after watching the Russian dance in “The Nutcracker” an absurd amount of times! ​

Unfortunately it stared raining before the dancers from turkey could start their performance (we’re up to five different cultures now if you were keeping up) 

On our way out as if I should have even been surprised, we stumbled upon a full out carnival (and it looked exactly how it does in Tennesse) 

I’ve learned to not go into any new place with any expectations at all, because just when I think I’ve seen it all I’m reminded it only gets more strange from here! 

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