The thing about travel no one talks about 

If I treated my blog like my diary (and you should be grateful I don’t) today’s entry would go something like this-

“Dear diary, today I went on a date, ate some pizza, then got really homesick…” 

Don’t get me wrong I’m so fortunate to have this opportunity and I’m still planning on traveling long and far in the future but something hit me today that made me realize that no matter what I see or who I meet, nothing will ever be as good as what I come home to. 

Today my brother and his fiancé had their gender reveal party with my brothers, mom, dad, and friends. I knew the party was today but when I saw pictures of everyone that I missed so much on Facebook, I cried like the baby in Caroline’s stomach. 

Everyone glorifies traveling, me included. I use to never understand why someone would give up the chance to travel and live somewhere else for a long amount of time. After doing that and missing my family and friends, I understand why some people don’t. 

Let me be the first to tell you, there’s a million reasons to travel, but there’s a million more reasons to come home. 

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