The real housewives (Au Pairs) of Bolzano Italy 

I have two kids, Italian eye candy, and I spend my days shopping and eating gelato in the city with my friends. If you’re thinking this sounds like the beginning of a Nicholas Sparks novel, it’s not. It’s my reality…at least for the summer. 

Today I met up with my two friends Raelene and Nicole. They’re both Au Pairs in the Bolzano area and we met on Facebook by joining the group “Au Pair bolzano italy” which as of today is a whopping 50 people strong (half of which are just looking for Au pairs and the other half are in another city). Nicole is from Germany but speaks wonderful English and Raelene is from Washington state! 

We had been chatting back and forth but of course I didn’t know what to expect when meeting them in person. I got way more than I bargained for! 

Immediately we were all laughing, shopping, and talking like we had been best friends all our lives! When you spend your days with kids and adults, you appreciate being around other “20 something’s” way more than you realize! 

Eventually after shopping, we ended up at a small pizzeria drinking wine and talking about our kids and suddenly, I felt like a housewife. 

I’m so lucky to have found these girls I now get to call friends because living in a new city where you don’t even speak the language can get so lonely and it’s so nice to have friends to help you conquer the city!

And about that Italian guy…

I was at the public pool with my two girls and I noticed the young lifeguard (Matthias) that well…wasn’t bad looking. My youngest girl Emily started laughing uncontrollably when he walked by to the point where if I didn’t say something, I would look like an idiot. So “parla englese?” Is all it took to strike up a conversation with him and eventually led to us talking everyday and going on dates around the city! Not only is it a ton of fun to go on dates, but I’m also seeing Bolzano and the smaller villages through the eyes of a local! 

With my three new friends and three weeks left in Italy, I have a whole new appreciation for this small paradise between the mountains! 

Remember, sometimes all it takes is saying “hello” to start friendships that will last a lifetime and adventures that will leave you reeling! 

Nicholas Sparks…I hope you’re taking note!

7 thoughts on “The real housewives (Au Pairs) of Bolzano Italy 

  1. So cool you got to experience being an Au pair in Italy! I’m an Italian Au Pair in the US and it’s so interesting for me to see what is to be Au pair where I actually live! I agree with everything you wrote, it’s the same here! 😉

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