Verona: The city of love and looks 

We start this narration of my time in Verona by answering your question- yes it is where Romeo and Juliet happened and yes I do know how terrible of a love story that is. 

Walking to Verona I was greeted by Arena Di Verona home of the Verona opera and it was so beautiful to see the history and the weathering walls of such a magnificent structure! 

Also, this is just a side note- people don’t mess around with fashion in Verona. These ladies walking around the cobblestone streets were slaying! Big sunglasses, flowey skirts, and high heels in every color seemed to be the look and I found myself wondering if it was Italian fashion week. I guess looks like that aren’t hard to find when every block there’s either Gucci, Louis Vitton, and Michael Kors.

Another side note- thank God there weren’t any stores with fidget spinners. If I see another wall full of those things I might just fidget spin back to America. 

After walking through the streets of Verona and seeing all the wonderfully crafted buildings, it was time to brave the crowd of tourist I knew would be at the Romeo and Juliet courtyard. 

To get to the courtyard you pass under a small tunnel. Lovers everywhere use to write their names on paper and use gum to stick it to the wall because it was said Juliet would bless their relationship. When Italian officials realized this was making the ancient and beautiful walls of the building covered in gum and shredded paper, they banned it. Of course people found a way around it and write their names on the tunnel instead.

Another myth is that rubbing the breast of the Juliet statue in the courtyard would bring you good luck. Never in a million years did I ever expect to find myself standing in a crowd of at least 100 watching people rub the breast of a statue and waiting to do the same. When in Rome (Verona), right? 

Luckily the rest of the attraction was inside and cost to get it so it was a little less crowded. If the crowd was that big to rub a statues breast I can’t imagine to actually go on the balcony!  The Juliet house was beautiful but let’s be honest we were all there to see the famous balcony. I loved seeing the intricate designs of the house right down to the little details. And finally I was on the balcony! Not only was it an ideal photo opp but it also was a wonderful view of the courtyard! 

After a few full days of Verona, I was more than happy to relax by the beautiful Lake Garda and enjoy some wine (and gelato of course) 

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