Dear Italy,

Dear Italy,
Thank you. Thank you for coming at the perfect time in my life. This summer I didn't land any internships I wanted and I was fresh off my first heartbreak. I had absolutely no plans for the summer until you came along.

Thank you for enabling me to move on, heal, and grow. My life is different because of this trip.

Thank you for giving me kids that weren't the best behaved sometimes, it taught me patience.

Thank you for giving me crazy adventures, it taught me life is what you make it and everything can be an adventure.

Thank you for taking me away from my friends and family, I have a whole new appreciation and love for them now that I felt what being away from them was like.

Thank you for enabling and inspiring me to see the world. I discovered I wanted to be a writer because of you.

Thank you for the people I met here. They were my go-to when I wanted to see the city, talk, and laugh. They taught me so much and became my best friends while I was traveling and I'll forever be grateful for them.

Thank you for not having AC, the crazy and incredible kids, the homesickness, and any other obstacle you threw my way.

It taught me life doesn't have to be perfect for it to be beautiful.

Your friend,
Madeline Lewis

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