Bonjour Paris

Surprise I'm in France now! My sixth country this summer and so far it is not disappointing!

I've only been here two full days but I feel like we have crammed in sooo many things!

Let me explain. My dad's company offers trips all around the world that the financial advisors and their families can take. When I was younger, we went on these trips every summer but this is my first one in over five years! It's great meeting other families from the states because living in Italy, that didn't happen to me much.

I'll write a long list describing the things we've done and tips after the trip but here's what I've loved so far!

  • Bread– anyone that knows me, knows I love my bread so having easy access to fresh baguettes and croissants is basically my dream!
  • Museums– There are over 300 museums in Paris (including the four story 11 mile Louvre) it's been so awesome to think of all the history packed in this city!
  • Family– Towards the end of my Italy trip I was getting a little homesick so having the week to spend quality time with my Dad is something I'm so thankful for!

Be on the look out for my big Paris post, I'll start working on it when I'm not shoving my face with macaroons.

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