How to deal with a time zone difference 

With my Italy trip being the first time being in a completely different time zone than my friends at family at home, it can be hard to maintain contact with home base. When I'm waking up, everyone back home is sound asleep. When I'm falling asleep, everyone is just now getting off work. It can get lonely not being able to talk to your friends and family much, but I've learned a few ways to get through it!

Make appointments– Being an Au Pair, it can be hard to know what you'll be doing during any certain time. I know I'm usually in bed around 10 pm which is 4 pm at home when everyone is getting off work. Make appoints to call or FaceTime around both schedules so you don't forget and so you both know when to expect a call!

Video chat instead of calling or texting- Seeing someone's face makes a world's difference! Sure texting is way easier but there's something special about seeing their face that makes you feel less lonely!

Don't get wrapped up in your trip stories- It can be easy to get carried away and ramble on and on about your travel stories but remember, they aren't there. I'm sure they would be more than happy to hear your stores but don't forget to let them give you updates as well.

Find friends in the same time zone as you– This one can be hard because of language barriers but if possible, having a friend in your time zone gives you someone to talk to when it's 3 am in America. I met another Au Pair in Bolzano through Facebook and it's so nice to be able to chat when everyone I love back home is asleep!

Look at pictures– Going along with the idea of seeing someone's face, looking at pictures and remembering your favorite moments with friends and families can remind you that one day you will be returning to them!

All in all, don't worry because you'll eventually be reunited with your loved ones and in the same time zone!

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