12 South Murals and Eateries

If you follow anyone that lives even remotely close to Nashville, you've probably seen them posed in front of the famous murals of 12 South. For non-locals it can be hard to know where to go when it comes to getting the perfect shot in front of the murals or finding a delicious bite to eat. Look no further, I have your ultimate guide to 12 South!

The Murals 

Once you find one mural, its super easy to find the rest. The most famous mural is the "I believe in Nashville" one. Located right next to Draper James (2608 12th Ave. South) this is a favorite of locals and tourists alike! It's been vandalized twice but always makes a comeback.

The mural that is the most aesthetically pleasing (in my opinion) is the blue and white stripes on the side of Draper James. The blue and white matches the colors of Reese Witherspoon's clothing store "Draper James". This store is insanely expensive but it's still worth it to go inside just for the free sweet tea.

The flower and make music not war murals are located right next to the Green Pea Salon (2900 12th Ave South) and are a little ways away from the main action of 12 South but totally worth it for the cute pictures you can take!

Mural Tips 

  • Try different angles to get a unique shot (because trust me, everyone takes pictures in front of these murals)
  • Sit down in front of the murals to get your shot (it's something most people don't think to do)
  • Offer to take pictures for others (they return the favor)
  • Correlate your outfits to your favorite mural (if you want to be extra)
  • Watch out for cars (I've seen too many people almost get ran over)


The Food

If you don't know what kind of food you want to eat you're in luck, 12 South has many options!

If you need coffee to get you through your day, make sure your first stop is Frothy Monkey. It's at the beginning of the street so you can grab a coffee to-go or stay "where the hipsters come to play" as it's sometimes called.

Some of my favorite places to eat are Edley's Bar-B-Que, Bar Taco, and Burger up. Every place has friendly service and wonderful food. Be sure to sit facing the street for the best people watching!

To satisfy your sweet tooth, hit up Jeni's Ice-cream for the best ice-cream of your life! I'm serious. I know someone that had a tub of ice-cream shipped to east Tennessee because he missed it so much. Added bonus- every ingredient is fresh (so it's healthy, right?).

If it's after regular business hours, have no fear. Sprinkles offers a cupcake ATM for those late night cupcake cravings!


Even living an hour from 12 South, I still discover something new every time I come to this little southern street.

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