Life Update

I’m back on Rocky Top after my wild crazy summer abroad!

There’s something so satisfying about having a routine and being with people who speak your language. Here’s a little update about my life back in America and my future plans!

Ignite Serves (a leadership program here at UT) ended a few weeks back and I was fortunate enough to serve as a leader for the program and introducing 20 freshmen to the university I love so much! I did Ignite as a freshman and it continues to change my life!

My classes are incredible this semester. I’m finally out of my gen ed classes and get to take more journalism and theatre classes where I’m super engaged and actually eager to go to class!

Boss Dance Company recently had their auditions (still recovering from the eight hour audition) I’m so excited to join the company again and get to do what I love!

I’m also jumping back into other organizations I’m involved in including The Volunteer Channel, The Daily Beacon, and 90.3 The Rock as a promotional staff member.

As far as future plans go, I’m still trying to figure out my future career considering I’m a junior now (scary, time please slow down). I plan on job shadowing and interning this year so I can figure out what I want to do after graduation! We’ll figure it out together.

I’m continuing to blog in spite of my crazy school schedule so don’t stop reading just because I’m not in Europe anymore. I promise I’m still (a little) exciting.

Be sure to keep a lookout for my new fall blog series and until next time, go out there and do some good in this crazy world!


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