Asheville, North Carolina

Sometimes you just have to get in your car with your best friend and drive to another state.

This past labor day, I went to Asheville, North Carolina which is only two hours from Knoxville so it made for a great day trip!

The first stop of our tour of Asheville was the murals (you can never have too many mural pictures, right?). All of the murals were located on Haywood street in west Asheville which is a trendy/worn down side of the city.

After our mini photoshoot we drove down the road a little to Tastee Diner (my car got hit but thats another story in itself). Peyton got chicken and waffles and I got a burger, both were delicious and very budget friendly! Tastee Diner is a roadside, super small, local restaurant so it’s best if you want to eat like a local and not break the bank!

Our next stop was downtown Asheville where we saw so many dogs it made my whole week! Downtown has plenty of cute cafe style restaurants and wine bars making for a great dinner date out on the town.

One thing I didn’t expect was the amount of “earthy” type shops downtown had. Whether you’re looking for singing bowls, woodwork from Africa, or incenses, downtown Asheville has it!

The drive back to Knoxville was beautiful. The mountains were on each side of us and the mountains in the distance looked blue!

Overall, Asheville was a perfect day trip and somewhere everyone that lives close by should visit at least once!

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