My name is Madeline Lewis and this is my blog. I started this blog to spread my views about the world and how we should look at it. I’m an average 17 year old girl that sees the world in a not so average way. First and foremost I’m a Christian and many of my post will relate to my faith so if that offends you please stick around and I’ll expose you to all of the Lord’s greatness. Secondly I’ve been a dancer since I was three and I currently go to Ann Carroll School of Dance which has inspired me since the first day I walked in so some of my post will relate to my dance lifestyle. All of my life I’ve noticed there was something different in how I viewed the world. People would say negative things and I would always manage to find the positive in it no matter what the situation. Optimism is something that has always come easy to me and I’m blessed to have that outlook on life. My goal for this is to make the people that read my weekly ramblings feel amazing about themselves,change their outlook on life, and make life an adventure. If you enjoy any of my post please feel free to share them with your friends and spread the happiness I hope my blogging gives you!



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